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Print your postage labels in bulk just like that

This tool has been built out of annoyance for single-page labels.
It takes your Royal Mail, Ebay and ParcelForce PDFs with one label per page and creates neat, immediately printable A4 pages with four labels on each page. Easy. Done.

Privately, in your browser.

No server, no personal data logging.

Open Source, available on GitHub.

Image showing many single-label pages turning to a page with many labels

How it works

If you want to know how to print Royal Mail, Ebay or ParcelForce labels in bulk on one A4 page - read on! This tool allows you to take single-label pages that Royal Mail, Ebay and ParcelForce create by default and merge them on an A4 page for easy printing.

Upload the PDFs

You take your PDF files and upload them all. You can upload multiple files and each file can have multiple pages. They can mix and match between Royal Mail, Ebay and ParcelForce.

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The ✨ Magic ✨ happens takes your PDFs, scans them page by page, detects which type of page it sees (between RM, RM International, Ebay and ParcelForce) using some very dumb text detection, then it chops it out and saves as an image to use in the next step.

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Combined PDF is ready - download or print?

After running the tool ("Extract" button) you'll get an option first check how the detection and cropping worked and subsequently to download or print a page with your postal labels in bulk, four per page, on however many pages it took.

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Disclaimers & Acknowledgements

This tools doesn't collect your files, everything is processed in memory. There's no file storage, no user-data logging. Go to the Legal Section for more articulate details.

No storage of your data whatsoever
Neither file storage nor database storage of the PDFs
There's also no accounts or sessions
Always check your files before print
Open Source, see GitHub
No cookies, PII or other GDPR stuff - I just don't collect it.

Cheers to Vercel for Next.js and free hosting, Mert Cukuren for these Tailwind CSS templates and Mozilla with James Hall for pdf processing libs and many others for wonderful things like React, file-saver package and so on and so forth.